Rules and Guidelines

• Unofficial. First and foremost, this is no way an official event. At this time, participation is by invitation only. There is no entry fee. Considerable efforts are made each year to fill the roster with a diverse group in regard to gender, age, skill level, and experience. All who take part in this run do so as a personal challenge to themselves, recognizing that complete and total responsibility for whatever happens lies with them. Each runner is at all times, and in every way, responsible for their own safety and well being. Transportation is not provided. If at any time you wish to remove yourself from the challenge, you are responsible for securing your own transportation from wherever you are.

• Emergencies. If you need help or medical treatment at any point during the journey, you are responsible for arranging it for yourself. In the event of an emergency, call 911. Any runner who finds it necessary to call for help, or receives medical treatment of any kind, is required to notify Matt or Heather immediately. A determination will be made at that time as to whether or not they may continue.

• Unsupported. As a participant, at no time may you receive help in any way from family, family of other runners, or crew. It is up to you to find what you need as you make your way along the course. Gas Stations, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, and Motels are all fair game. You are welcome to purchase food, lodging, and any other supplies from any source open to the general public. There is one exception to this rule….. Road Angels. Anyone who is in no way directly associated with a participant, may choose – of their own accord – to offer assistance to runners as a Road Angel. Assistance may include food, drink, or lodging; offered directly or placed on the roadside. Any lodging offered must be on or reasonably near the course, and reached by the runner without assistance. Runners may at no time arrange for Road Angel assistance in any way. Runners are also welcome (and encouraged) to help each other as they wish. Drop bags are not allowed to be placed on the course by participants.

• The Course. Runners are to follow the defined course - http://map.tridgetobridge240.com - from start to finish. In the event you find that you have gone off course, you must return to the exact place where you left the course before making any further forward progress. You are permitted to take the most direct path back to the course in that situation, but you must do so on foot. At no point during the event are you permitted to enter an automobile for any reason, unless ordered by law enforcement. Please keep in mind always that this is an open course, and there will be traffic. Be aware at all times. Your safety is your responsibility alone. Please follow all pedestrian laws and regulations. If you are on the shoulder, run against traffic. Cross at crosswalks. If there is a sidewalk, please use it.

• Check In. Runners will check in twice each day (7am & 7pm), and progress will be recorded at http://tracking.tridgetobridge240.com . If for some reason you are unable to check in using the standard method at that time, you may make contact with Matt or Heather (or have a spouse/significant other do so for you) to relay your position. Runners have 125 hours to complete the course.

• Have Fun. It’s going to be really hard. It’s supposed to be. The most rewarding things usually are.

Embrace every moment of it.